Garfield Comics API

This page contains documentation for the Garfield Comics API, thus far you can use this API to access the custom built SRoMG API and any future API's I make for this bot will be detailed here.

You can access a JSON discord embed for a specific SRoMG comic by going to[?date=XXXXX // ?SRoMG_NUM=XXXXX // ?url=URL_OF_SRoMG] where you either pass in a date which can be a Javascript Date object or a string in the form YYYY-MM-DD or you can pass in SRoMG_NUM which is the comic number ie 2812 which is the 2812th comic at:
If you don't wish to cut a query for SRoMG comic down to the number or the date you can pass in either the image url i.e. or the webpage i.e.
RegExp is used to extract the necessary data from this url so all that needs to be in tact is either ["?comic="] or ["XXXX.png"] and any capitilasation can be used in the url.

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